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Metrop Motherplant fertilizer MAM

fertiliser for cuttings production NPK 20-20-8+TE

Plants used for cuttings or seed production need a different nutrient requirement than plants that just need to grow or thrive. These motherplants have to grow continuously and recover from the cut resulting in an increasingly weaker plant.
Keeping motherplants is therefore a separate technique and requires specialist nutrients.


With the Metrop MAM biomineral motherplants nutrition you make the mother plants strong and longer-lasting, so that the plant cuttings are also strong and longer-lasting. Together with Metrop Calgreen, Root+ and AminoXtrem, Metrop MAM is a 4-part cutting plant fertiliser line that makes strong plants for a long use with the least possible stress for the motherplant.

After 2 weeks you will be able to cut more cuttings from your motherplants.
 Metrop MAM motherplant fertiliser is a modern biomineral plant fertiliser that is well balanced and always biodegradable and absorbable. Metrop MAM motherplants fertiliser is an emulsion fertiliser that ensures maximum plant seed and cuttings production.

Motherplant fertiliser

The Metrop MAM biomineral cutting plant fertiliser is a high quality plant nutrition line with all the macro and micro elements that are needed for plants that are continuously planted.

  • Assures sufficient availability of Phosphorus for continuous growth of the roots;
  • Assures sufficient availability of Magnesium for optimum chlorophyll and protein synthesis;
  • Contains additional micro elements to eliminate a shortage caused by cutting;
  • Is low in Potash to prevent hermaphrodite formation;
  • Contains Kelpak for an optimum stimulation of growth;
  • Is free from harmful colouring or scenting agents and not diluted with water: thus it consists only of the purest raw materials;


  • Give as needed with a water ratio of 50ml-75ml/100L water mixed with Calgreen 20ml/100L.
  • In the event of eye contact in concentrated form, rinse eyes immediately with water.
  • Shake the container well!
  • Metrop MAM mother plant fertiliser is biological degradable.