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Metrop Enzymes Catalist

Plant Waste Degration

Metrop Enzymes is a new product by Metrop, an organic, liquid, enzyme-based, nutritional supplement that boosts and controls the chemical processes that occur during root and plant development

Providing the best results in record time!

Enzymes makes for strong, healthy roots and protects the plants from soil diseases. The dead roots and plant residues are processed quickly and used by the plants themselves.

Enzymes Catalist Guidance

Daily use – 25 ml/100 litres of water
Weekly use – 1 ml/1 litre of water
Available in 1 L and 5 L bottles.

Metrop do not compromise on quality and so there nutrient elements are free of cadmium and other heavy metals reducing chlorine content to trace.

This means a healthier and better tasting end product for both grower and consumer.

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