Metrop Concentrated liquid fertilizer

Metrop develops, manufactures and supplies biomineral concentrated liquid plant fertilisers, plant fertiliser suspensions, foliar fertilisers, plant biostimulants & more.

The majority of the Metrop plant nutrient products line are suitable as foliar fertilisation.

Thanks to years of cultivation and testing experience, Metrop approach the crops in a different way than most other fertiliser producers.
The main idea behind this is to give nutrients what a crop can absorb the most in every phase of the growth and flowering cycle.

Because every grower wants the highest yield, and every grower wants the best taste of their end product.

Metrop strives to offer growers the most effective products on the market.
To ensure this, Metrop focuses most on mineral trace elements and enzyme processes and the health effect on plants and people.

Products are developed and improved through a nutrient analysis of the plant juice every 2 weeks in a growth and flowering cycle. (S.A.P. Analysis) It is the only way to make the best plant fertiliser!

Because Metrop use different raw materials for our products than other plant food suppliers, we are able to make larger NPK differences, which results in better, stronger and larger crop development.

For the grower and consumer, this means a healthier end product with a better taste!

Metrop Products


NPK 10-40-20 Grow Fertiliser


NPK 10-40-20 Grow Fertiliser


N-Ca 15-22 Calcium Nitrate Fertiliser


Plant Root Stimulator


Amino Bloom Booster


Motherplant Fertiliser